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Ensure opportunities for young people to express themselves, discover the arts, and create connections. Serve as home for the Children’s Theater of Madison and Madison Youth Choirs.


By 2025, the Madison Youth Arts Center will be recognized and valued as a vibrant community space.Youth from all backgrounds will explore, create, and connect through an array of impactful arts programming that evolves with the mission of those who call the center home.


We celebrate activities that nurture young people’s curiosity, bring together
youth from diverse backgrounds and create community through the exchange of ideas.
We welcome all young people to experience the arts and we strive to foster a
sense of belonging among all involved.
We pursue connections that create shared experiences, cultivate insight, and inspire growth.


We’re hiring an Operations Manager – we are seeking a person who likes managing details and getting things done to help keep our organization sailing smoothly!

This person will provide critical operational support to MYArts, managing processes that help us work with the dozens of programming partners who use our facility. This detail-oriented position will include work on space scheduling, contracts, financial processing, staff scheduling, and donor acknowledgements – all within the context of an organization that is continually working to improve access and transparency.

Apply here: https://forms.gle/7mrKsUuY8CYxR7US7

Full position description, duties, and salary information here.

For full consideration, apply by March 10, 2023.


Courtney Byelich, Director of Facilities
Jessica Courtier, Director of Community Partnerships
Jarrod Bainter, Technical Operations Manager
[For space rental inquires, email info@madisonyoutharts.org]

Ali Beyer, Administrative Coordinator
Julio Flores, Administrative Coordinator
Kourtney Pohl, Administrative Coordinator
Desia Xiong, Administrative Coordinator


Deborah Biddle  | President, community representative
Vacant | Vice President
Pam Woodman | Secretary, CTM representative
Vacant | Treasurer
Laurie Fellenz | MYC representative
Brandi Funk | MYC representative
Yorel F. Lashley | member, community representative
Elizabeth Odders-White | MYC representative

Madison’s Youth Arts Center’s Board of Directors is made up of members who benefit from white privilege and members who experience systemic racism and oppression. Together, they make this promise: Madison’s Youth Arts Center (MYA) stands in solidarity with communities of color and people who suffer racial injustices in our local community and across the country. We share in the anger and grief of historical racial injustices and marginalization. We pledge to do our part to fight for the changes that are so desperately needed. We commit to looking inward and examining our own beliefs and actions. The MYAC Board of Directors promises to invest in diversity as we build the center, and work to abolish the effects of structural racism. We promise to build a thriving hub of discovery and creativity in which youth from all backgrounds experience a true sense of safety, belonging and celebration of identity.


To learn more about becoming a donor, ask questions, or to inquire about space use, please email us or call us at (608) 416 – 1945.