This is our moment! Thanks to over 300 supporters listed below who have given donations from $10 – $20,000,000.
Every gift counts and we wouldn’t have come this far without our arts champions. We are so grateful. 

This list reflects donations and pledges to our capital campaign received between October 1, 2018 and April 6, 2021. We regret any errors or omissions–please contact us with your corrections.

* denotes in-kind donation



Pleasant T. Rowland
W. Jerome Frautschi
Diane Ballweg

Evjue Foundation
Madison Community Foundation


Brian and Rozan Anderson
Anderson-Conlon Family
Deb Archer
Art & Sons*
Dana and Todd Asmuth
Audio for the Arts*
Jane Bartell and John W. Thompson
Jeff & Angela Bartell
John Beck
Jack and Marian Bolz
Marcia Bradley
Ellen L. Brothers
Celebrations Entertainment*
CG Schmidt*
Jennifer and Martin Chiaverini
Lau and Bea Christensen
Cummings Christensen Family Foundation
Carol A. Cohen
The Comer Family Foundation
Corner Stone Construction of Janesville, Inc.
Courtier Foundation
Brian Cowing
Cresa Cares, Inc.
The Leola Culver Family Foundation
Rahel Desalegne and Dr. Girma Tefera
Joseph Dorman
Jim and Jessica Doyle
Sarah Dunn
Allen and Karen Ebert
Endres Mfg. Company Foundation
Bob Erb and Wendy Weiler Erb
The Everitt Family
Evjue Foundation
Farley’s House of Pianos*
Cecilia Ford & Donna Dalos
Madison Top Company / Aaron & Dawn Frank Family
John J. Frautschi Family Foundation
Bill Fritsch / Harper Fritsch*
Fran and Ken Fruit
Brandi Funk and Jeff Campbell
Barbara J. Furstenberg
John Gadow
Sara Giacalone
Deborah Gilpin
Nicholas Glass and Mary Jo Baumann
Enid and Tryone Glenn
Godfrey & Kahn, S.C.
Delores and Paul Gohdes
Amie T. Goldman
Sue Goldwomon and Arlene Zaucha
The Great Dane
Tom and Jeri Grogg
Linda and Bob Growney
Emily Gruenewald
Terry Haller*
Kathleen Harker
Susan Harris

Hausmann – Johnson
Brian S. Hawkins
Chad and Lynn Hembel*
Matt Hembel / Matt’s Piano Moving*
Kathleen Hempel*
Simon Henriques
Mike Huffman / Huffman Facility Development*
Ideal Crane Rental, Inc.
Isthmus Partners, LLC
Thomas D. James
Holly and Jay Jensen
Gwen and Kenn JeSchonek
Dan Jonovic and Evan Heath
Shirley Jane Kaub Trust
Dr. Benjamin Kleiber and Shannon Henry Kleiber
Mary Knapp
Mary M. Kolar
Lois Krantz
Ron and Deborah Krantz
Clay Kruse
Michelle and Jason Kruse
Jerome and Joan Kuypers Family Fund
Lands’ End
Theresa V. Larkin
Jim, Jen, Tony, and Mitch Lattis
The Kenneth A. Lattman Foundation
Lee and Dr. Mona Lazar
Jun and Sandra Lee
Sam and Gina LeMense
Richard A. Lemon
Brian Lindow
Peter and Jill Lundberg
Dan Lyons
Madison Community Foundation
Katie Dowling-Marcus and Dr. Ben Marcus
Marriott Daughters Foundation
James Matras
Matthews Charitable Fund
Teague Mawer
Jennifer and Jeff McFarland
McGrath Property Group, LLC
Laura and Andrew McGuire
John J. McSherry
Gary and Lynn Mecklenburg
Matthew & Dawn Meier
MGE Foundation
Renee D. Moe
Nancy Mohs
Cam Moll
Rick and Jo Morgan
Stefanie Moritz and Vince Jenkins
The Morrison-Miess Family
Brian and Amanda Mullen
Network for Good
Rachel Niles
Ken O’Neill and Joan Lerman
Elizabeth Odders-White and Matthew Clayton
Casey and Eric Oelkers
Kathleen H. Otterson
Bill Owens
Debra and Michael Palm
Matthew and Ann Palm
Nicholas S. Palm
Lisa A. Paulson
David Pausch

Reynold V. Peterson
Bob Fruit and Kathleen Plunkett
Dan Prueher
The Pyle Foundation
Carolyn and Peter Rank
Rathgeber Family
Blaine and Kim Renfert
The Oscar Rennebohm Foundation
ResTech Services*
Kathleen Ricci
Estate of Matilda W. Ripley
James and Jane Roeber
Jim and Carol Ross
Michael Ross & Kirsten Fruit*
Beth Ryan
Sarah and Jack Salzwedel*
David Schmiedicke
Dan and Patty Schultz
Joe and Mary Ellyn Sensenbrenner
Lynda Sharpe
Tenzin Sherab
Roseann Sheridan
Schlecht Family Foundation
Patty Sigler
The Sinclair Family
Lori Smith
SPL Legacy Foundation
Kim M. Sponem
Doni St. Marie
Stark Livingston Giving Fund
Chuck and Denise Steinhauer
Mark and Jeri Stenhouse
Walter R. Stewart
Mary Stoffel and Rich Novotney
Stone House Development*
Stuesser Cornwell Family
Summit Credit Union
The Tauscher Family Foundation
Martha A. Taylor and Gary L. Antoniewicz
Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association
Terry Family Foundation
Nick and Judith Topitzes Family Foundation
John and Carol Touissant*
Robert and Dorothy Troller Fund
Robert and Anne Trunzo Family
Don and Nancy Loving Tubesing
Elizabeth Tucci
Elliott Valentine and Katelyn French
Bruce Van de Velde
Shelly and John Van Note*
Barbara Burnett Vater
Michael Verban
Katie and Ellis Waller
David G. and Nancy B. Walsh Family Foundation
Michelle N. Watkins
Kenneth and Jane Weiler
Mark & Liz Weller
Rachel and Phoebe Werner
Amanda White
Ethan White
Ethan Witkovsky
Kathleen Woit, Ph.D
Sally Wood
Woodman’s Food Markets
Paul and Tracy Wrycha
Ruth and Allen Zacharias Fund


Greg and Patricia Bell
Jean Brew
Joy Cardin
Dick and Jane Caslow
N. Hoq
Susan M. Jackan

Dale Kaufman
Elizabeth Klusinske
Nancy Knudsen
Scott and Kathleen Larimer
Paul O. Larson
Ted and Kathy Losby
Midvale Heights Community Association, Ltd.

Barbara Noeldner
Janice and Ron Opelt
Mary Raether
Jocelyn Riley
Sabljak, Raether, Hogerton LLC
Judy Skog
Diane Smet
Brenda Spychalla
Molly Taves
Wendy J. Weber


Edward and Helen Adams
Christine M. Anders
Crystel Anders
Kristin Bayer and Alan Price
Andrea Bien
Edward and Susan Brinson
Susanne Burwell
Lowene Campbell
Gloria Cavil
Bradford Colbert
Louise Coumbe
John D. Crain
Janet and David Daniel
Sally and Jim Davis
Joel and Jean DeVore
Lee Dresang and Kari Bloedel
Sally Drew
Sharyn Gardill
Frank R. Gaylord
Janice Golay
Susan Griffith

Jane Hasselkus
Kevin Henkes and Laura Dronzek
Ronnie L. Hess
Dianne and Dale Hopkins
Judith A. Houck and Lisa Saywell
Kelly Hughes
Isthmus Vocal Ensemble
Eric Janus
Margaret K. Jensen
Richard E. Jensen
Rita Kades
Melissa A. Keyes
Peter Knapp
Gerald Krause
Carolyn J. Kruse
Katherine Kruse
Virginia Moore Kruse
Barbara Lauderdale
Vibeke Lehmann
Kathryn and James Leide
Dale and Barbara Lenz

Jill Maidenberg
Beverly Maser
Rod and Paula McKenzie
Jerry Montie
Jennifer Moore
Ervin and Elizabeth Oelke
Cheryl and Bruce Olsen
Sylvia K. and Harry L. Peterson
Anne Pryor and Steven Ackerman
Joan and Ken Riggs
David and Joan Robertson
Robert Rogers and Janet Goin
David and Margaret Sharpe
Stuart and Beverly Smith
Joan Sparks
Donald and Annette Stannard
Myron and Margaret Talcott
Shelley Thron
Joan E. Warden
Kristine A. Wendt
Mariamne Whatley
Nancy A. Worcester


Cheryl Bensman-Rowe, in honor of Mike Ross and Madison Youth Choirs
Anonymous, in honor of Luke & Lori Bocher
The Community Foundation for the Greater Capitol Region, in honor of Tom Linfield and his work with ProNet
Patricia Finn, in memory of Judy Finn
Gellman Family Foundation, in honor of Mike Ross, Margaret Jenks, and Randy Swiggum
Dr. Robert and Linda Graebner, in honor of Diane Endres Ballweg
Bradley Hutter and MIG Commercial Legacy Foundation, in honor of Lauren & Grace Hutter
Andrew Johnson and Margaret Jenks, in honor of Randy Swiggum
Madison Cello Ensemble, in memory of Callan M. Bird Bear
Norma and Doug Madsen, in honor of Pleasant Rowland
Jason Mann, in honor of Art & Sons
Eva Marley, in honor of Mary Stoffel
Orange and Dean Schroeder, in memory of Ann Ehrlich
Toni Sikes, in memory of Bill Kraus
The Verban Family, in honor of Michael
Carolyn White, in memory of Ron White